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About this site

The European MW Station Guide

This site was originally inspired by a now defunct website, the Euro-African Medium Wave Guide. Because of a poor (to say the least!) home location I'm often out and about when MW DXing and I found the site an invaluable resource when coming across an unidentified station. This site is designed to make it as easy as possible to answer the question "what's that station?"

The site has been developed to be as simple and straightforward as possible to use on smart mobile phones and tablets. Very few images are used and very little bandwidth is required, making it ideal when out 'in the field' with a low-speed connection and low-power device.

On a technical level, the site is written in Python using the Django framework.

Please do send me your feedback, comments, bugs, ideas for improvements, and data corrections/updates via email:

Please note that I am not a radio station - if you are trying to contact a radio station, please Google your request again.

LPAM and RSL (temporary) stations

All listed 1-2 watt LPAMs in the UK are verified as on-air, either from recent reception (via web-SDRs or on my own personal travels) or from recent web or social media activity mentioning the MW frequency.

Stations operating on an 'induction loop' system inside a hospital or university campus building are not listed as they can not generally be received outside the building concerned.

I do need some assistance keeping the comings and goings of Netherlands LPAM stations up-to-date - if you are reading this and can help, please do get in touch!

While I make every attempt to keep the listing up-to-date with temporary radio stations, the list is not likely to be complete, particularly outside the UK.

Links to related sites

Asiawaves: An extremely comprehensive guide to broadcasting in South and South-East Asia, including China, India, Korea (N&S), Japan and Australia/NZ.

Radio-Locator: For looking up AM (and FM) broadcast radio stations in the United States.


Domain name update

Due to changes to the rules around .eu registrations, we have had to bid a sad farewell to the domain name.

We are now located at All links should have been redirected smoothly but if you have this site bookmarked, or if you link to it from elsewhere, please do update your site as links to will cease working on 30 May 2019.

Looking for short wave stations?

Try the brand new Radio Planet where you can look up short wave broadcasts and identify unknown stations.


Welcome to the new-look European Medium Wave Guide. I've done a bit of tidying-up of the site and database - any corrections/updates would be much appreciated. Just email me: